Wake Up With HIIT

Waking up in the morning and getting yourself motivated for the day ahead can sometimes be a little difficult – which is why it is such a great time to get a workout done! Working out in the morning will wake you up and energise you for the day ahead.

With this in mind, I came up with a morning routine that I wouldn’t mind getting up and doing. Something fairly low impact that I can complete in the morning to increase my cardio activity a little (I complete this along side an evening session too, but don’t do it every morning).

*equipment needed*

40 seconds of work
20 seconds of rest

Check out Fitness Blender’s Quick Total Body Warm Up to get warmed up before starting this HIIT workout.


Exercise 1:
2 front punches to 2 upper cuts

Exercise 2:
Single leg step up

Exercise 3:
2 front punches to 2 upper cuts

Exercise 4:
Single leg step up

Exercise 5:
Resistance band walking squat
Also known as the ‘Crab Walk’

Exercise 6:

REPEAT 4 to 6 times.

Depending on your fitness levels, and how hard you push yourself will define how challenging this workout is for you. If you don’t find it challenging – keep going. Don’t stop at 6, why not do 10 rounds. Remember to always keep pushing. YOU WANT THIS.

Links to the equipment used within this workout:

X-Tone Fitness Step

Resistance Bands

*We are currently working on an exercise encyclopedia for you guys with images of all the exercises we talk about in our ‘workouts’ section.*


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