How to Stay Motivated in Winter

Getting out of bed when the temperatures are close to, or even below zero degrees, is NOT appealing. To be honest, getting out of bed when the temperatures are not at least double digits is just hard work. So now brings the question – how do people find the motivation to workout when I can’t even motivate myself to get out of bed!?

We have the answer for you, well several – but I am sure there are more!


Buying new gym gear is always a great motivation to get yourself up and working out. Who doesn’t like turning up to the gym in their new flash gear feeling all good about themselves!?

Not only that…


Buy yourself warm gym gear. I have these amazing Nike Pro Dri-Fit Leggings which feel fluffy and warm inside when I put them on. Annoyingly can’t find a link to the amazingly bright red ones I have but check out the Nike Dri-Fit section.

(Admittedly, I did buy my Nike leggings at a discount – I wish I could afford them full price!)


If you are working out in the morning, set your heating to come on 10/15 minutes before you get up so the place feels a bit warmer and you won’t dread getting out of bed! Once you start working out you’ll be wishing you never turned the heating on.

Do this for 2 or 3 weeks and you will find it becomes a habit to get up and the cold will no longer bother you (well, not as much anyway).

It takes 21 days to form a habit.

There are so many Fitness DVD’s and YouTube channels you can use to workout to,  some of my favourites:

And SO many more!


Set yourself some goals. Make sure they are fun to make it even more appealing.

Once you start hitting your goals on a weekly/monthly basis you won’t want to stop. Not even Winter will get in your way!


Find a friend, a partner, anyone to workout with.

Research at the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University found that 43% of married couples who didn’t workout together gave up their gym memberships within a year. But of those married couples who worked out together, only 6.3% gave up their membership within a year! Read more here.

And lastly…

Remember that whilst everyone else is waiting on Summer to start working out and get their ‘summer body’, you will have yours in time for Summer!

You got this guys, we believe in you.



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