Active Video Games To Get Those Pounds Off!

Exercise doesn’t have to seem ‘boring’ – why not spice things up a little and workout at home using your entertainment system…

*the crowd goes oooooooh*

We have collated a list of past and present video games that can help you shift a few pounds in a fun way, and in the convenience of your own home! Alone, with family or even with friends.

Starting with our ALL TIME favourite…

Just Dance

This is available on all consoles including the Wii, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can dance away to some good old classics or some fresh new tunes with the 8 games that are currently in the series. The most recent being Just Dance 2017 which includes songs from Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, One Republic, Maroon 5 and more!

Next up, the…


Not many games on the Wii that don’t really involve moving, I mean even Mario Kart can get you up and about!

A few of our past favourites include Wii Sports, the standard ‘complimentary’ game you get with the wii. Thrashing your opponent at a game of tennis, or going for the knock out in boxing!

Zumba, a great way to practice Zumba at home alone before braving it in a class with other people (it certainly helped me!). 

Other Fitness Games include a game based on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser – The Biggest Loser Challenge.

EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer and the My Fitness Coach Series.

Not forgetting the..

Wii Fit

Featuring yoga, strength training, aerobic training and balance games there is a wide range of benefits you can get from the Wii Fit. You do require the Wii Fit Balance Board to be able to play the game, and of course a Wii game console.

Games on the Wii Fit include Hula Hooping (my fave!), where you have to try and catch the hula hoops as your fellow players throw them over your head. Whilst you are catching them you must also remember to move your hips to keep the hula hoop going! Trust us. It is harder than it sounds…

Skiing, where you must jump as far as you can as you fly off the slope.

Football, header the ball! It is as simple as that…

Steps,  you are in a virtual class and must follow the steps on your screen. A low impact but effective workout.

Plus many more…

Wii Fit Plus

With over 65 activities to chose from including everything from the Wii Fit and more! Plus, includes 15 more workouts to make you sweat and laugh at the same time.


Being a Playstation user we are not able to vouch for any of the following games, however, reading reviews and researching they all sound pretty awesome.

  • Kinect Sports
    • “Turn your living room into a world-class stadium, bowling alley, soccer pitch or track-and-field arena. With Kinect Sports you’re not only the star player, you are the controller — through the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360. See a ball? Kick it. Spike it. Even give it a little topspin. Kinect Sports features soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field, and boxing.”
  • Kinect Training
    • “Whatever your level, whatever your goal, with Nike+ Kinect Training you can now experience personal training, at home.”
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved


Only available on the playstation 3, Move Fitness is a great way to start/continue working out if you are not able to get to a gym, or it is too cold outside. Basically like having your own personal trainer, at home – cool, right?

Something a little different…

Also only available on the Playstation 3, The Fight: Lights Out is a game for the bold, brave and The Negan (if you are a Walking Dead fan – am I right?). A great way to let off some steam – going in for the knock out.

Who said you can’t have some fun and shed a few pounds at the same time!?


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