HIIT Them Legs Hard!

Want to work your legs hard? Check out our favourite ‘go to’ leg HIIT workout. Quick, simple but not so easy…

On days where we really do not fancy lifting weights we will revert back to good old body weight exercises – you can’t beat em!

This is one of our favourite ‘go to’ leg HIIT sessions…

Starting off firstly with a warm up to avoid injury. Make sure you warm up for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

On a leg day I (Jess) will warm up with 10 minutes on the stairmaster, whilst Ben goes on the bike. (There is only one stairmaster at our gym! #sadtimes)

Once over, we will come back together to start our workout!


18285500970_f161b0b954_o.jpgWork for 30 seconds.
Rest for 30 seconds.

We have 4 exercises and repeat them  5 times, with a bonus round at the end!

Exercise 1:
Squat jumps

Exercise 2:

Exercise 3:
Lunge jumps

Exercise 4:
Box jumps

Repeat 5 times, with a minutes rest once you have completed each round.

Think you can do a little more?


Using all the same exercises but changing the work to rest ratio…

Now work with just 20 seconds work but ONLY 10 seconds rest.

We tend to do this twice (with the last round being insanely sloppy because we are DONE, GONE, FINISHED, EVERYTHING HURTS.

But if you think you can take a little more don’t let us stop you from going another round… Or two.

15460294075_8e0ab7f572_o.jpgOnce you have finished make sure you do a cool down – just as important as the warm up. Head over to the bike or a treadmill and at a slow, steady pace just walk/ride for 5 or so minutes to get the heart rate down.

Then finally finish off with some stretches.

Workout Tips:

fitbit-3Download a ‘HIIT Timer’ on your phone, here is a link to the one I use (well the one I used before I had my Fitbit!). Highly recommend it though, it is for Android so sorry iPhone users!

If you have a Fitbit Charge 2, use the Interval Training Setting and adjust the time.

Have plenty of water on stand by, HIIT workouts are thirsty work.

WARM UP and COOL DOWN – we cannot stress this enough, it is vital.


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