Fitbit Charge HR 2 Review

Fitbit or Fitshit?

Of course, Fitbit – I am a BIG fan.

Being a lover of exercise (this is Jess btw!) as soon as I heard about the Fitbit Charge HR (going back a bit here…) I wanted one so badly! Retailing at ยฃ99.00, I think, at the time I thought this was a little too much. So I asked for it as a birthday present.

I got it!!

fitbit-1-2Opening it up I couldn’t contain my excitement, but unfortunately this excitement didn’t last too long…

After only having the Charge HR for about 3 or 4 months bits of it started peeling away around the screen, the strap was becoming very weak, worn down and couldn’t seem to put up with my active lifestyle! And yes, I did look after it – like it was my baby. No exaggeration.

Fortunately, I had a 12 month guarantee and was able to get a replacement. In fact, I can’t fault Fitbit at all for their customer service, if you have any issues with your band they will send out a replacement – no questions asked (well, maybe a few – but it is pretty decent!)

Unfortunately, several months later the same thing started happening. This time I just stuck with it, and stuck with it… Until I was close to just taking it off forever and never wearing a Fitbit again.

This is when Iย received an email about theย Charge 2. O.M.G.

Again the excitement came, until I realised the colour I wanted wasn’t coming into stock until forever away!

I waited patiently, and patiently, anddddd…… It was worth the wait.



  • Multi Sport Tracking

My favourite part about it – especially the interval training.

Being able to do a HIIT workout without having to keep looking down at the time to see when your 30 seconds is up, man it is bliss! With a small, but noticeable vibration on your arm you are told when to stop and start.

You can set up as many rounds as you like and change the timings to suit you. This does all have to be done in the app though!

If you go to ‘Account‘, then click into your Fitbit ‘Charge 2‘. Scroll down to ‘Exercise Shortcuts‘ and then ‘Interval Training‘.

In the ‘Exercise Shortcuts‘ you can also change what exercises you want to have featured on your Fitbit.

  • fitbitReminders to move

I sit down aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day at work, from 8:30am right up until 5pm. Having the little reminders telling me I should get up and walk about is great – it gets me up, even if I just go to the loo.

If you are someone who finds yourself not leaving a seat, the sofa or whatever for hours on end this is definitely a great way to get yourself up and about a bit more!

Every little helps.

  • Long Battery Life

On the website it says ‘Up to 5 days*’. Now, I cannot fault this one bit. In most cases my Fitbit will last me 6 days, which is great because I am active throughout the week. Then come Sunday I will enjoy a cheeky rest (a great time to put it on charge!).

Battery life is fab.

  • Guided breathing sessions

Great for post workout, and if you are struggling to sleep. Doing one of the breathing sessions can really help you to relax.

  • Sleep Tracking

This I like because it is just a great way to prove to Ben why I am so grouchy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Smart Track

I walk to and from work which is half an hour each way. I never think to start my Fitbit though. But – I don’t need to! Fitbit tracks it automatically in my workouts and shows me how many calories I burnt for each part of my walk.

  • Large display

fitbit-3I LOVE the display – the different clock faces you can have and all the information there! Plus, it makes it look a lot more fashionable in this technological world we live in. Yeah you have an Apple Watch? But pfft. Check out my Fitbit Charge 2 with a huge ass display! Nerr….


  • Comfortable

In comparison to the Charge HR it is very comfortable. I found the previous band very stiff to wear but this one I have no issues with.

And finally…

  • Interchangeable bands

Such an awesome idea, especially for us fashion conscious people!ย Oooh the lilac/purple doesn’t go with that outfit? Don’t worry I will just go to my draw of Fitbit bands and find one that does!


  • The charger

To begin with I loved the idea of the charger on the Charge HR 2. On the Charge HR it would often fall out because you would just have to leave it hanging as the lead was so dayum short! With a longer lead for the 2 I thought it would charge better.

I was wrong.

It is so temperamental. Like the other night I put it on charge and saw the battery come up to show it was charging, so I assumed it was. I went back an hour or so later to see if it was charged and the battery bit was no longer showing – must be charged then? I put it back on and at 5:30 monday morning I was woken up by this bright light flashing in my eyes saying it was dead!

Not cool.

Connecting the charger to the Fitbit can be hard work. You have to fiddle quite a lot to get it there, and then keep an eye on it to make sure it actually is charging and the connection hasn’t come lose.

  • Display

Getting the display to show can often be difficult. I find myself turning my wrist 10 or so times before it decides to display just so I can see the time! If you have your hands full its tough to click the button or tap the screen right!?

  • Accuracy

With most fitness trackers you can’t be 100% reliant, I know. However, when I am running full whack on the treadmill and then stop and check my heart rate, if it is still sitting at 87… Well, I am either stupidly fit of the tracker is a little off……

Saying that, occasionally if it hasn’t updated I give it a second and look again and it has.

The steps can be off too, but again can’t say this is too much of a con because it must be hard to create a fitness tracker that knows the difference between picking up a drink and taking a step… I don’t know.


The verdict here might be predicted considering how large my ‘Love’ list is incomparison to the ‘Not So Greats’.

Overall, I would rate the Fitbit Charge 2 a…


Interested in buying one? Compare prices here.


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