10 Fitness Tips to Help You Make 2017 Your Year of Change!

Fitness tips to help you make 2017 your year of change!


Post workout nutrition: it is VERY important!

Make sure you get in a combination of protein and carbohydrates post workout to help refuel your body and promote muscle recovery.

tom and suasga.JPGTIP TWO

Starvation is BAD

Yes starting a juice cleanse diet may see you drop a dress size in a week (I think that’s what they promise you isn’t it?), but losing weight that fast is not healthy. In fact you will just pile the pounds on as soon as you stop and start eating lots again.

Ensure you have 3 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and maybe even a snack or two (cashews, apples etc).

5366424397_f9ee57ba16_o.jpgTIP THREE

Believe this: Green Tea is life (well for me it is)

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which have amazing effects on the body! Including brain function due to caffeine,  which is a stimulant, and fat loss. Green tea has been shown to increase fat burning and boost the metabolism.

I drink it religiously and have to say, I really do believe it contributes towards my weight/metabolism.


Prep is key.

If you prepare ahead falling off plan is much harder. That £50 you just spent at the groceries for the weeks ‘clean eating adventures’, yeah you don’t want to waste that by spending another £20 on Dominoes now do you?! Well, I mean. If you have the money too… Only kidding, don’t do it!


Have a plan.

When we go into the gym without a plan (which is almost never for us because Jess is a 2 weeks in advance kind of organiser…) we end up just running around on every machine doing whatever, it never feels like a proper workout. One of the worst things is coming out, after spending an hour and a half in the gym, and feeling like you have accomplished nothing…

Not only that but if you already feel uncomfortable in the gym, you may find yourself feeling even more uncomfortable when you are stood there staring around as you decide what to do next.

Go in with a plan so you know exactly what you are doing – you can go in, get it done, and leave! I always take a pad and pen with us so we know exactly what we are doing and can note down any PB’s.


Set some monthly goals, or even biweekly or weekly if you are feeling brave!?

Having a goal for the end of the year can be misleading, easy to fall off plan because you’ll be all like “Ooooh it is still 11 months until I need to achieve my goal”, “Ooooh it is still 9 months until I need to achieve my goal, plenty of time!” and you see where we are going with this… Suddenly it will be November again, and “oh dayum I am no where near to achieving my goal.”.

Break your goal up into chunks, and month by month get closer to achieving it so that you can get to December and say ‘I DID IT! *fist pumps*‘.


8451851643_9d6e8d5d9b_oJoin Instagram.

If you are not on Instagram already we would HIGHLY recommend joining it. The fitness community is huge, with so many motivational pages and users you should be following!

We would also suggest using it like a diary. Document what you are doing, eating, workouts anything – and not for any one else, do it for you. Because on the days when you are feeling down you can open up your Instagram, scroll through your feed and see how far you’ve come. Be your own motivation.

Check out Our Instagram’s here:





Water is your new best friend.

Water doesn’t have any magical powers like Green Tea but drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn – this is known as resting energy expenditure.

Me and Ben have these really funky bottles which give you the times by which you need to have drunk a certain amount of water! Only £5 from Matalan

cheat-mealTIP NINE

Plan a cheat meal.

Do not deprive yourself. Everyone loves a bit of chocolate or some sweets, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, an entire BBQ chicken pizza mmmmmm I think I just went somewhere then, when’s our next cheat meal!? *dribbles*

Completely ridding of all bad foods that you desire isn’t going to end well. You may go without them for a week, then two weeks then maybe even another week. But once you get a taste for it or a taste of it the risks of binging are definitely much higher than if you were to schedule in your cheat meal. It gives you something to look forward to as well!

It may not be scientifically right, but we have a cheat meal (most of the time) every two weeks – whether that be a meal out, or a few sweets on our date night trip to the cinema. But we also make sure we have worked out that day – we would have worked for the Pizza!


Find a friend.

Nothing beats having someone there motivating you, as you reach the final 0.50k or your 5k run – cheering you on or as you sit there wanting to give up but don’t because of them – someone pushing you to push yourself!

Find a friend, loved one, boyfriend/girlfriend, someone to workout with, eat clean with and enjoy your fitness journey with.


On a little bit of a serious note now.

We are adding this in because it is too easily done (I have been there). Don’t. I repeat… Do not become TOO obsessed.

Over training, worrying about your body too much or being too harsh on yourself, relying on the scales, these are all potential signs of yourself becoming too obsessed. Not always, but they can be and if they are… They can cause unnecessary stress and will have a negative impact on your training.

Take it steady, ease yourself in – and most importantly, enjoy it!



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